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Formaspace - WELDMARX II+: Series Benching

Weldmarx II+ Series Desk System is designed for open offices and companies that require flexibility for changing dynamics. Each twin desk system gives plenty of space to employees and independently functioning height-adjustability gives them an ergonomic experience. 

Formaspace - WELDMARX CV: Rectangular Conference Table

Regardless of the rectangular shape where the corners yield less chair movement compared to a race track or ellipse conference table, Weldmarx CV is the best fit for formal conference rooms that offer larger spaces. 

Formaspace - WELDMARX VI: L-Shaped Right Desk

Formaspace L-Shaped desks are a combination of the starter desks: Weldmarx III and the desk returns: Weldmarx V. Depending on the office layout or the hand preferences, L-Shaped Right or L-Shaped Left desks should be considered when creating a multi-purpose office space. 

Formaspace - WELDMARX CIII: Trapezoid Conference Table

The shape of the conference table plays a critical role in the success of a meeting. Weldmarx CIII is a revolutionary conference table with its trapezoid shape since it puts the presenter at the center of attention. 

Formaspace - WELDMARX CIV: Racetrack Conference Table

Weldmarx CIV, the racetrack shaped conference table, is similar to a rectangular conference table. The main difference between the two is that racetrack option provides more efficient seating space and allows for easier chair movement. 

Friant: Dash

Sleek, durable and affordable. Featuring mix and match components and contemporary lines, Dash allows for unlimited configurations that enhance all modern office environments. 

Friant: Interra

Meet Interra, our new frame and tile system designed for modern space planning needs and aesthetic sensibilities. Available in five tile materials – fabric, glass, perforated metal, whiteboard and rail tile — Interra offers infinite design variations to meet any customization needed. 

Friant: Verity

With the Verity benching system, create defined spaces to support the various types of work interactions for a coordinated look across the office. Easily expand existing workspaces or build in privacy with elements such as fabric screens, glass, and storage. 

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