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Rouillard Customer Service

Tel: 418-663-1411 (ext. 116)
Toll Free: 1-855-459-1954 (ext. 116)

Sales Representative: Emily Coons

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Rouillard | Sample Picture Gallery
Zetti Lounge


With our worldly finesse and confident savoir-faire, Rouillard elegantly meets the demands of the workplace. We know the need for flexibility, comfort, speed, and intelligent design. Rouillard draws upon our long heritage of manufacturing expertise combined

with our fresh aesthetic perspective to bring contemporary, innovative products to the contract market. Our seating, tables and storage offer user-friendly functionality with sleek and elegant lines. Every Rouillard product has the dexterity to be customized for a perfect fit and look—make our pieces taller, wider; add arms that match the use; vary the bases; uniquely configure our modular

units; and choose from numerous finishes. Rouillard’s skilled design, customer service and manufacturing teams make it easy to efficiently meet each client’s goals.


Company leader and design visionary Alain Roy has over 40 years of industry experience. Alain has a passion for design development and for new furniture manufacturing methodology, gaining insights from Italy and beyond. His knowledge guides Rouillard’s young and progressive Quebec City product design team.


Based in hip and historic Quebec City, we have been perfecting our approach since 1978. Our lead times are rapid. Our warranty is industry-leading. Our precise and responsible manufacturing is state of the art. And, at the top of our list, our commitment to sophisticated silhouettes, spare lines and clean forms makes Rouillard design a savvy and smart choice in the workplace.

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