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Customer Service

P.O. Box 5711

Williamsburg, VA 23188

Tel: 203-304-2380 or 866-574-3183
Fax: 203-304-2548


Contact Person: Walter Binck

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Freight: No

Contract: GSA - NO


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Woodstock Marketing - We're All About Quality

Our Woodstock Quality Engineers actually live at the factories we work with. These University trained Quality Control employees of Woodstock do incoming, in process and final inspection. Production does not start until incoming inspection of raw materials is signed off. All during the production cycle Quality is being monitored and chairs do not leave the factory without a Woodstock approval.

Woodstock maintains a lab with testing machines that conduct various BIFMA tests that are appropriate to the specific chairs we make. We randomly take either complete chairs or component parts to our lab for testing to exceed at least 50% of the BIFMA requirement.

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